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Dale Horton

dan pirainoAs Director of Sales and Acquisitions, Dale concentrates his efforts cultivating new markets. He has management experience with the Gulfstream II. He has both sales and acquisition experience with various aircraft both commercial and corporate including manufacturers such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Gulfstream, Hawker, Dornier, British Aerospace, Beechcraft, and others. Dale currently flies in command on domestic flights as Captain of a McDonnell Douglas MD80. His flying experience includes over 14,000 hours of total time, with extensive operations on six continents. Dale is a type rated Captain on the Boeing 737/757/767, McDonnell Douglas MD80 and Lockheed C141B. He has nearly 2,000 hours in command of the MD-80 series, 3,300 hours in Command of the Boeing 737, and 2,200 hours in command of the C141B Starlifter.  He also holds a Flight Engineer Certificate with experience on the Boeing 727. Dale logged 3,500 hours of his flight time as an Aircraft Commander in the United States Air Force and is a veteran of the first Gulf War.

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