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Our Services

Aircraft Sales

Trident Aviation is prepared to offer aircraft sales service. Our services include the following:

  • Recommending the price range that would be appropriate in the current marketplace.
  • Conducting comprehensive market analysis.
  • Promoting our clients' aircrafts throughout the world via direct mail, print advertising, internet advertising, and customized brochures.
  • Working aggressively around the clock to generate interest and find buyers willing to pay the highest possible market price for your aircraft.
  • Generating reports back to our clients that track our efforts, advertising, and leads.
  • Presenting all offers in a timely manner to our client, and offering any recommendations based on those offers.
  • Accompanying our clients throughout the pre-purchase survey.

Aircraft Acquisition

Trident Aviation is prepared to offer aircraft acquisition services. Our services include the following:

  • Recommending the aircraft type to the client that best fits their mission profile.
  • Completion and thorough search of the aircraft market for the best available value of the type aircraft selected by the client.
  • Presenting all available aircraft to client with unbiased recommendation of best value.
  • Accompanying the client to conduct a survey on selected aircraft.
  • Overseeing, on a daily basis, a complete and thorough pre-purchase mechanical inspection of the aircraft and its records.
  • Conducting a complete title search and FAA Form 337 search on the selected aircraft.
  • Completing and filing all required FAA documentation and forms including a Bill of Sale, Application for Registration, and FCC Radio Station License Application.

Aircraft Conversions

  • Expert management and guidance through FAA STC process
  • Full design capabilities
  • Full engineering capabilities
  • Passenger To Freighter Conversions
  • Passenger To Executive Conversions

Conversion Portfolio

  • MD87 Personal Oasis [Video]
  • Dornier 328 Executive Conversion [Video]